20050722 - 24

Z-puppies have a meeting!

We vere eating in the barn?...("loge" in swedish..)

Hey there boys and girls...Alice is flirting with Turbo..;)

(Alice is the dog covered in straw!..ha ha )


"Polish" for the show to morrow.. and trained for the group!

Wonderful Doris and Nimo "puppies"!


Martina Jansson shows us how to give your dog a calm signal...

Thanks a million Martina...that you could come to us!!! Will you do it again?..please..!

More food...


Vasteras (Västerås 24/7)

Ain't we great? Soo good looking! Good teeths too...

This is in the Final for Best Breeder group in the "Big ring" ! VeryWell done!!!

I got a price too! I'm the best girl!!! (Alice)


THANK YOU EVERYBODY!!! For making this "reunion" possible!

A specially thanks to Siiri/Turbo for helping me out!!!

I will never forget this!

Many hugs and THANKS // Lillis

If you have fun photos, from meeting, wich you would like to see here.

 Please send them in 300 pixl size and I will put them on this page!